A History of Royal Food and Feasting

Welcome to my blog. Over the next few months, I’ll be going on an exciting journey through time, exploring the permanently connected histories of food and the monarchy. It is a story that begins in the massive kitchens of four luxurious royal palaces, the fascinating hidden world that you don’t generally get to read about in the history books. Over the course of the blog, we’ll get to explore the feasting preferences of a number of different monarchs, creating uniquely intimate insights into what life was really like in these magnificent dwellings.

What did Henry VIII eat at Hampton Court Palace? How did the kitchen staff manage to feed hundreds of people every single day? What exactly did he do to celebrate the long awaited birth of Prince Edward, his desperately desired heir?

The five monarchs this blog will are:

  • Henry VIII at Hampton Court Palace
  • Elizabeth I at the Tower of London
  • George I at Hampton Court Palace
  • George III at Kew Palace
  • Victoria at Kensington Palace.

I hope you’ll enjoy learning about all of these interesting little lives as I have. Over the course of the blog, I’ll also give you the opportunity to cook your own royal historical recipes, learn about the nutritional values and medicinal benefits of the different recipes and challenge some of the common misconceptions that exist about historical feasting.


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