Maluku Islands

Sir Francis DrakeSir Francis Drake‘s travels led him up the western coast of South America, where he attacked Spanish ports as he went. Unable to find a route to the Atlantic, he began travelling southwards again, before travelling west across the Pacific in July 1579. These travels allowed him to encounter the Moluccas, Java, Celebes and the Cape of Good Hope, finally arriving back in England in September 1580.

The Moluccas, or Maluku Islands, are an archipelago located within Indonesia. They can be found in the Molucca Sea Collision Zone on the Halmahera tectonic plate, north east of Timor, east of Sulawesi and west of New Guinea. Historically, they were the core of the Spice Islands visited by the Europeans and Chinese. These islands became known as the Spice Islands as they were a great source of mace, cloves and nutmeg, making the area of colonial interest to 16th Century Europeans who were (as we have learned) spice fanatics at that time.


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