The Tudors: A Quick Q&A

Q: How did Henry come to own Hampton Court Palace?

A:  It was a gift

Thomas WolseyWhen Thomas Wolsey failed to convince the Pope to grant Henry a divorce from Katherine of Aragon, he had no choice but to gift him his luxurious palace.

Q: What happened to the court’s leftovers?

A: They were distributed to the poor

Even the richest members of Tudor society weren’t wasteful. After a meal was enjoyed, the leftovers were collected by the Almoner to be distributed to the poor.


Q: What were the Ordinances of Eltham?

PlateA: A list of the kitchen and dining rules and regulations across the palaces

The rules were given this title as they were created at Eltham Palace, and instructed members of court on how to present their food.

Q: Which of Henry VIII’s wives introduced oranges to the Tudor court?

A: Katherine of Aragon

Katherine of Aragon introduced oranges from her native Spain, and they grew in popularity from there. Their bitterness meant that they were most often enjoyed in the form of a preserve – it is known that Henry VIII was very fond of marmalade.

Q: Which days of the week were ‘fish days’?

A: Wednesday and Friday

Wednesday and Friday were “fish days”, though your menu still very much depended on your financial status!


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