The Tudor Murder Files

file_000A book release we can all get excited about: Luton-born journalist James Moore has written a gruesome book detailing all of the gory Tudor murders we could possibly dream of. The Tudor Murder Files covers murders which took place between 1485 and 1603. How did Henry VIII manage to devise a new law which allowed a poisoner to be boiled alive? Which real-life murder inspired Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet? How did a man kill his wife during sex?

I’ve always been interested in history and as a national newspaper journalist I’ve covered a lot of crime stories.

– Moore

If you’re more interested in how these various murderers were brought to justice at the time, there’s something for you too. For example, one punishment for killers involved being ‘pressed to death’.

I was first inspired to write my book after I saw a quote which said that your chances of being murdered in Tudor times were five times higher than today… People know how the kings and queens lived but not so much about ordinary people… My book reveals just what a dangerous time it was for men, women and children.

– Moore

Moore’s new book tells the stories of more than 70 historical murders, with added details of more than 30 cases. Readers get the opportunity to learn not only about how these murderers were caught and punished by the justice system at the time, but also how the various cases were reported to the nation.

I spent a long time in the British Library researching popular pamphlets from the time – the tabloids of their day. The chroniclers enjoyed feeding the public with all the grisly details… They were two sides of paper telling people of recent murder cases – I compared these with the officialcourt records of the day and it seems the Tudor journalists were pretty good at getting their facts right!

– Moore


More information about the book HERE!


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