About Fudors

Fudors (formerly ReallyCoolPigeons.com) was originally an online project created as part of a Digital Textualities assignment. It hoped to document the events of my final semester at university, along with the things I learn along the way.

Originally, if everything went according to plan, every post was intended to include a video, a photograph of a page of notes and a paragraph-or-so on recent events, but unfortunately I didn’t receive the vast majority of the videos I was promised (because I was probably asking too much of people). In any case, each post is named after the person who was meant to be in the video, and each video is made by someone I’ve nagged into helping me, having first provided them with a page of information on a topic relevant to the course. The video brief is simple: “Here’s some information on your topic, make a video about it.” Later posts in the blog documented the planning and process of my project, currently entitled “Frank”.

With the Digital Textualities module completed (and somehow aced????), I’ve moved on to writing posts about another interest of mine – royal food throughout history. I hope to write about the dining tastes of a number of key British monarchs, although this project is moving much more slowly as I am completing it alongside my degree, rather than as part of it.

I’ve also written some pieces on Docupoetry which you can find here.

So what are you waiting for? Come and see the pigeons! Come, break bread and be merry!



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