What’s on the menu?

A quick table of contents for the royal dining posts so far (updated January 2017):


  1. A New Direction
  2. A History of Royal Food and Feasting
  3. A royal timeline from Henry VIII to Victoria
  4. The Spanish Armada

King Henry VIII

  1. King Henry VIII
  2. Henry’s Hampton Court Palace
  3. Sir Francis Drake (c. 1540 – c. 1596)
    (a) Maluku Islands
    (b) Sulawesi
    (c) Roanoke Island
    (d) The Spice Islands
    (e) 1579
  4. 6 Common Misconceptions about Tudor Food
    (a) The Tudors: A Quick Q&A
    (b) The Tudor Murder Files
  5. What is Puerperal fever?
  6. How big did Henry get?
  7. Did Henry VIII’s Tudor ‘Brexit’ lead to England’s trading glory, or a century of depression?


  1. Check out Suzanne Rogerson’s great snaps from Hampton Court
  2. “It’s just like Game of Thrones!”
  3. Lady Elizabeth Tudor swashbuckling it with the big boys
  4. It’s time to talk about black Tudors.
  5. The tragic life of “Bloody” Mary Tudor
  6. How to make an easy and accurate French hood
  7. Elizabeth versus the Armada!
  8. The execution of Anne Boleyn
  9. Tudor toilet paper!
  10. The Boleyn Inheritance by Phillipa Gregory
  11. The dancing plague of 1581
  12. Full Frontispiece
  13. Virtual Tudors (with bad teeth) revealed
  14. Theft of the Queen’s chamber-pot
  15. A visit to Coughton Court
  16. Suffering from “the spleen”
  17. The mysterious Tudor epidemic that killed thousands… — EverythingTudorBlog


  1. Tarte Owt of Lente
  2. Fylettys en Galentyne
  3. Ryschewys Close and Fryez
  4. Wafers
  5. Comfits

The Birth of Edward VI

  1. The Great Tudor Kitchens
  2. What was on the menu?
    a) What about the poor?
    (b) Meet the cockenthrice
    (c) Were there any leftovers?
    (d) Bread and the Tudors
    (e) Skirt: The forgotten Tudor vegetable
    (f) Lent in Tudor Times
  3. Dining at Hampton Court
  4. Where did the ingredients come from?
  5. Prince Edward’s Christening
  6. The christening procession of Edward VI
  7. Who was in the line-up?
  8. Eltham Palace

Queen Elizabeth I

  1. Moving on: Elizabethan England
  2. Queen Elizabeth I
  3.  The impact of expansion on Elizabethan eating
  4. Queen Elizabeth’s sweet tooth
  5. Elizabethan England: Quick Facts
  6. Ralegh in the Tower of London
  7. Walter Ralegh: the heroic traitor